Monday, 28 September 2009

The Outside World Presents...Martin Sexton. 1st - 30th October 2009

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  1. ‘Owls in Daylight - Philip K. Dick'

    Peter Fowler, C.A.Halpin, Piers Jackson, Peter Lewis, Makiko Nagaya, Augusta Ogilvy, Raul Pina & Martin Sexton.

    Dante, Faust, Beethoven, Finnegans Wake & Alien Shamans are just some of the propositions thought to have inhabited Philip K. Dick's uncompleted last novel on his death in 1982 – these ideas are resurrected in a single room of a London east end gallery as a collaboration of like-minded writers, curators and artists. Martin Sexton’s Mexican UFO film ‘Bloodspell,’(which he claims to have shot in 1973) culminates in a UFO manifestation above the Temple of the Owls in Mexico, and his claircognizance novel: ‘Owls in Daylight,’ is partly shown in extracts - illustrated in collaboration with the artist known for his totemic Owls: Peter Fowler.
    Makiko Nagaya and Peter Lewis illuminate their enigmatic cat candle and Raul Pina, the east end’s Mexican Shaman will make interventions throughout October. A Cyclops owl by Piers Jackson resonates in an English oak frame; C.A.Halpin with her South American companion Bambi, is the guardian of The Outside World where she preserves cats and owls eyes, and when the moon is right Augusta Ogilvy will tune in with an Athenian sonic vision.

    The exhibition runs October 1st – 31st